Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stand in the Gap

Putting experiences into words has been more difficult than I imagined it would be. In fact, I have struggled to write anything since I got home. Let's blame it on the jet lag. One thing I can say is that I never want to forget the things I saw and learned about in Kolkata. My heart is truly changed. While my trip is over, I still plan to share stories through my blogs, woven in with the rest of my life. 

Leaving Kolkata, in particular the sweet children, was harder than I ever expected. Their unconditional love and open hearts were incredible. I used to tease my mom when she cried every time I would leave. Now I understand how she feels! As the students left the zoo, I felt my heart break, unsure of when (or if) I will see them again. My goal is to find a way to go back so I can see them again and do more for the projects that SEED is doing. I sincerely hope to get more involved in the future. 

On our last day, Piyas prayed for us to stand in the gap. Upon looking through pictures from Kalphar, I noticed it is also on the signs for SEED. I interpret that as never forgetting what I saw and learned in India. Stand in the gap between the life I lead and the lives of those I met in Kalphar, and the countless others like them. Standing in the gap means not taking the blessings I have for granted, and finding ways to share those blessings.

So what does that mean in my life? Taking Andy Merrick's advice to heart, I want to do something each day to remember India: read an article, watch a movie, share the stories of the people there, pray for them, financially support them. I know that over time more will be revealed to me. In the meantime, I'll continue to pray, blog, share stories from my trip, and learn as much as I can about India, Kolkata, and the people who live there. 

Once again, here is the link if you would like to support the new industrial generator to support the school and vocational classes in Kalphar. Your gifts are a huge blessing and are greatly appreciated! Here's the link where people can find out more and also give money…


  1. love you. love your heart. love you how you love others so beautifully.

  2. the above comment is me, tam.

    good grief it's hard to comment here. ;)